Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mobile Application in MVC


With Visual Studio 2012, there has been various new enhancements in ASP.NET and MVC. I have blogged about certain new features introduced in ASP.NET 4.5. Today, we would get overview of how we can create mobile application in MVC.

So let's start...

1) Open the Visual Studio 2012.I am using Visual C# template. Click on Web and select MVC4 application. Below is the screenshot

2)  Once click OK, you will see various MVC templates available. As we want to develop Mobile application, we would select 'Mobile Application' template. By default, View engine selected should be 'Razor'. Below is the screenshot

3) Once done it would create visual studio application. You can run the application without making any changes. Since, it is mobile application, it doesn't means that it would not run in our default browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc). Hence, we can run the application in browser too.

Below is the screenshot for Internet Explorer

However, we can run the same application in Mobile Phone Emulator. Below is the screenshot when running in Windows Phone Emulator

About Screen

Contact Screen

Log In Screen

Hope with this article of mine you will get overview of nee mobile template introduced in MVC.
Do get back to me in case of any questions.

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