Sunday, September 16, 2012

How does ASP.NET process the request

1) When we enter the URL, page request goes to IIS

2) IIS checks the ISAPI(Internet Server Application Programming Interface) extension of the request

3) If extension is .aspx then request is forwarded to ASP.NET engine

4) ASP.NET engine checks whether the Application Domain exists for the request

·         If yes, request is forwarded to that App Domain

·         If not, it creates the App Domain and then the request is forwarded to it

5) ASP.NET engine creates core objects for

·         HTTPContext

·         HTTPRequest

·         HTTPResponse

6) Checks whether HTTPApplication object exists

·         If yes, pass on the core objexts to HTTPApplication object

·         If not, create the HTTPAppplication object and pass on the core objects to it

7) After this, HTTPApplication object process the request. It executes Begin,Authentication and Authorization events

8) After this request is passed to Page. Page events and complete page cycle will run
9) After running the Page cycle, request is again forwarded to HTTPApplication object and HTTPApplication will cleanup and pass on the response to user  

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