Sunday, October 7, 2012

How can you increase your PRODUCTIVITY

I just read a very good article by Scott Hanselman on how you can increase your productivity.I would list down the broad points of the article

1) We spend whole day reading and replying to the emails and at the end of your day, you feel you haven't worked much. So, fix one hour for the emails and then start working.
2) Read one book at a time and don't pile up books at your study table. Keep only that book which you like reading and finish it up.
3) Make time for yourself everyday. You schedule the meeting everyday and you reach there on time; similarly schedule time for yourself and make time for you.
4) Prioritize your work and say 'NO' often to others
5) List all things that weigh you down and let them go. Don't care much about things.
6) Its hard to focus on all the things happening around you. So, focus on thing for 25 minutes and then give 5 minutes break.
7) Set everyday goals, weekly goal and monthly goals. This in turn would increase productivity. 

Below is the link to the article
How can you increase your PRODUCTIVITY

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